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Е-бизнис иновации

Шифра Студиска програма Часови Кредити
EBU 360 Економија 4+2 8,00
Мијалче Санта

Course goals (competences):

After finishing the course and successfully passing the examinations the students should have the following competences:

  • Understand the definitions and concepts of idea, invention and innovation
  • Use models and tools for implementation of innovation in organisations
  • Understand the influence of organisational structure, culture, politics and leadership on innovation and change
  • Come up with an innovative idea, develop a prototype and publically defend the invention

Course contents:

This course is designed to prepare students for the introduction of digital innovations and changes in an organisation. Taking into account the dynamic environment in which the managers operate, the need to know how to innovate and ability to continually innovate, change and adjust the organisation is very important. This syllabus creates a strong base on which the students, after they graduate, can introduce innovations that will secure the organisation’s competitiveness. To achieve this the course covers the following material:

  • Type, theories and sources of innovation
  • Value capture, innovation strategies, entrepreneurship and funding innovation
  • Innovation organisation, selection, management, development and offshoring
  • Change, resistance to change, change approaches

The students’ theoretical knowledge is evaluated on exams with open questions that include real life case studies.

In the practical seminars the students need to come up with an innovative idea for a digital solution on a global level. At the end of the semester the students should hand in a paper that explains their invention with regard to what problem it will solve, how the solution improves on current practice and how it will make money, as well as presenting a descriptional prototype of the invention (inlcuding elements and relations).

This course values the creative thinking skills and original work of the students, which adds values to their careers.

Plagiarisam and fraudulent work is not tolerated.

Grading scheme   

  • Tests - 70 points
  • Individual project work (presentation: written and oral) - 20 points 
  • Class attendance and active participation - 10 points                                                                            

Method of quality evaluation

  • Faculty’s internal evaluation and survey
  • “Start, OK, Stop” evaluation methodology

Задолжителна литература 

E-business innovation from Mijache Santa published by MCGraw and Hill in 2015