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     Call for enrollment

     Application process


Call for enrollment

The call for enrollment of new students in MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management for the academic year 2022/2023 has been published.

  • The first application period is from 19 to 27 September 2022
  • The second application period is from 7 to 17 February 2023

50 new students can be enrolled through the call.

In order to apply for MBA in SHRM, students must have completed four-year undergraduate studies or ECTS-based first cycle studies with 8 semesters and obtained a minimum of 240 credits.

Application process

Interested candidates should register at and apply electronically through the iKnow system.

As part of the enrollment application, in the documentation they are submitting the candidate should enter the number they received automatically from the electronic registration system.

After completing the enrolment process through the scanned version of the documents should be sent to the following email:

In the Subject of the e-mail, candidates write the number automatically generated by the electronic registration system (

In the email the following scanned documents should be attached (in the Attach File):

  • Registered enrollment form (form A1 from bookstores) Example – LINK ( пријавен лист за запишување (образец А1 од книжара)
  • Electronic application (from;
  • Original document for completed first cycle studies (diploma or certificate);
  • Short biography (CV);
  • Certificate of active knowledge of English language;
  • Confirmation of payment of the administrative fee in the amount of MKD 50.00 (Form PP50:
    • Name of recipient: Treasury account-Skopje (Назив на примачот: Трезорска сметка-Скопје);
    • Recipient’s bank: NBRSM (Банка на примачот: НБРСМ);
    • Transaction account 100-0000000-630-95 (Трансакциска сметка 100-0000000-630-95);
    • Payment account 840-XXX-03161; Account 722313 00 (Уплатна сметка 840-ХХХ-03161; Конто 722313 00)
  • Recommendations from teaching or research workers (if any);
  • A list of professional or scientific papers and a copy of them (if the candidates have them);
  • Documents for possible awards, recognitions, and other documents.

A mandatory automatic confirmation will be sent to candidates once the e-mail has been received and the application has been submitted.

On the notice board of the Faculty of Economics-Skopje, candidates will be notified of the deadlines for submitting their original applications and enrollment documents.


The tuition fee for 2022/23 is 2500 Euros.

It includes

  • Lectures and consultations

  • Master thesis (preparation and defense) 

It does not include 

  • Books

  • Examination fee

Payment in installments 

  • When enrolled in the first semester – 750 Euro (in October)
  • When enrolled in the second semester – 750 Euro (in January)
  • When submitting the master thesis proposal – 300 Euro
  • Before the defense of the master thesis – 700 Euro