Mandatory courses

     Elective courses


The second cycle of one-year studies, an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management (model 4+1), is organized in one academic study year, i.e., two semesters. During the program, you will take 7 courses and prepare for your thesis. The course structure is as follows:

  1. Four mandatory subjects (maximum 70% of the total ECTS credits determined in this academic program).

  2. Three elective subjects (maximum 30% of the total ECTS credits determined in this academic program).

English is the language of instruction, assignment, projects, and the master’s thesis in this MBA program.


By adopting the knowledge of this study program, the student is expected to demonstrate the following knowledge, abilities and skills:

Knowledge and understanding:

  • Shows understanding of the theoretical models and concepts of the modern economic and business theory;
  • Demonstrates knowledge of different models and strategies that are used for successful management of macroeconomic policy and business processes in enterprises;
  • Ability to create and use modern approaches for analysis of the effects of macroeconomic policy and business decisions in enterprises;
  • Gains in-depth knowledge of the specific areas of the functioning of the macroeconomic policy and enterprises;
  • Shows knowledge and ability to independently participate in scientific and professional discussions.

Application of knowledge and understanding:

  • Able to creatively and innovatively think when it comes to designing new ideas and solutions;
  • Demonstrates ability to assess and choose scientific theories, methodologies and tools for various economic and business areas;
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the different methods used in the research of economic phenomena and business processes;
  • Predicts various economic and business aspects;
  • Possesses ability to participate in group discussions, to analyze critically theoretical and practical aspects of the companies’ workflow, to prepare and present the prepared projects;
  • Has ability to make quality business decisions.

Ability to assess (Making judgement):

  • Ability to assess the macroeconomic condition business processes, issues and priorities in different areas;
  • Demonstrates ability to identify, collect, analyze, and interpret relevant data;
  • Ability to independently solve complex issues regarding the practice operations and develop critical perception towards the existing theoretical models and knowledge;
  • Ability to analyze, synthesize and critically evaluate facts.

Communication skills:

  • Develops and upgrades team work skills, possesses leadership and communication skills applicable to various business environment and situation;
  • Ability to collect, analyze, assess and present information;
  • Ability to work in interdisciplinary teams in organizations in global and multicultural environment;
  • Ability to professionally communicate with other professionals of the respective field and with other representatives of the institutions of the system as well.

Learning skills:

  • Ability to analyze, understand, memorize and research data from different areas;
  • Shows ability to draw conclusions or form an opinion about strengths and weaknesses of economic phenomena and business processes;
  • Demonstrates ability to participate in active learning, ability to make use of scientific research methods and refer to relevant literature in his/her analyzes;
  • Ability to analyze both concrete case studies and research papers from the respective area;
  • Shows interest for continuous education and professional development to higher levels of education.
Mandatory courses

NoCourse titleSemesterFund of classesECTS
MSHR 501Strategic Human Resource ManagementWinter24166
MSHR 502New Challenges in HRWinter24166
MSHR 503Cross-Cultural HR ManagementWinter24166
Subject from the Faculty list of elective subjectsWinter24166
Total number of classes (Lectures & tutorials) and number of ECTS in first (winter) semester966424
MSHR 504Performance Management & Data AnalyticsSummer24166
Subjects from the Faculty list of elective subjectsSummer24166
Subjects from the Faculty list of elective subjectsSummer24166
Master thesis18
Total number of classes (Lectures & tutorials) and number of ECTS in second (summer) semester724836
Total number of classes (lectures/tutorials) and number of ECTS16811260

Elective courses

NoCourse titleSemesterFund of classesECTS
MSHR 511Theory of Organizational DesignWinter24166
MSHR 512Social Media Platforms in HRMWinter24166
MSHR 513HRM in a Start-Up and Corporate EnvironmentWinter24166
MNG 520Change ManagementSummer24166
MSHR 521Leadership & Organizational BehaviorSummer24166
MSHR 522Business Communications & NegotiationsSummer24166
MSHR 523Business Research Methods & AnalyticsSummer24166
MSHR 524Labour MarketsSummer24166
Total number of ECTS48