Career path

The human resource management profession is currently in high demand based on the analysis of the labor market and the experiences of the Employment Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia. As many multinational companies have entered our country in recent years, the need for highly qualified employees has increased significantly. In light of these facts, it is appropriate and timely for the Faculty of Economics – Skopje to establish the study program and to create competitive, high-profile professionals in strategic human resource management.

Our MBA in Strategic HRM program is carefully designed to meet the needs of professionals interested in building a career in HR and aims to acquire specific knowledge and skills in people management. The following individuals are welcome to participate in this program:

  • Professionals who work in the human resources departments of private companies and corporations;
  • Human resources directors, managers, or officials in state institutions
  • Personnel employed by employment agencies, training centers, and career consultants;
  • Graduates who want to begin or build a career in this field.

It is anticipated that graduates of the MBA program in Strategic Human Resource Management will also be equipped to conduct scientific research. This will contribute to the advancement of this field in the Republic of North Macedonia and help businesses develop innovative solutions.

According to the Macedonian Human Resources Association, the country’s only professional association that deals with this area, a new study program is needed, designed with a different approach from the existing programs. This association supports the development of a foreign study program tailored to meet the region’s needs.