Benefits for your businesses

High-performing organizations recognize that their workforce’s individual and collective talent is their competitive differentiator. When they look to local universities for talent, these organizations expect the same level of education and proficiency in their local and regional employees as they see in those educated in the U.S. and other western-styled business schools. Companies want employees who demonstrate the capacity for higher levels of leadership and critical thinking. Local universities must reassess their business education frameworks to meet these current needs. The Faculty of Economics, the leading institution in business and economics in the Republic of North Macedonia, is well positioned to take a leadership role in achieving this goal.

The partnership with the Kelley School of Business aims to rebuild the faculty’s masters-level degree in SHRM to offer top-level management education drawing from U.S. business practices with enriched course content, pedagogical practices, and experiential opportunities for students and faculties. The ultimate deliverable from this partnership will be an M.B.A. that successfully mixes the qualities of a U.S.-based business degree with the cultural knowledge and considerations of the Balkan region. This project sets out to rebuild the existing course structure of the current SHRM program and M.B.A. and to deliver an M.B.A. for local and regional professionals interested in successfully entering a career within the growing global business community.

The analysis of the labor market and the experience of representatives of the Employment Agency of R.N. Macedonia point to the fact that this is a profession currently in high demand. In particular, the need for highly qualified staff has increased significantly in recent years, mainly because many multinational companies have entered our country. These facts confirm the appropriateness and timeliness of the decision of the Faculty of Economics – Skopje to initiate the establishment of the study program and to be able to create competitive, high-profile professionals in the field of strategic human resource management.

The graduates that emerge from the study program with an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management will also be able to conduct scientific research. This would contribute to the advancement in this field in the Republic of North Macedonia and help businesses create innovative solutions.