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Business Ethics

Course Title

Business Ethics


MGT 120


Prof. Leonid Nakov, PhD (Full Professor)

Course objectives (competencies): Upon completion of the course students should be able to: 

  1. Understand ethical theories and approaches, be critically trained to prepare and make ethical business decisions,
  2. Discover the numerous ethical dilemmas that management faces in the business from management,
  3. Distinguish managerial from business ethics, especially at different stages of the ethical behavior management process
  4. Understand the code of ethics and ethical standards, in order to clearly distinguish them from the legislative framework of the decision-making process
  5. Identify the responsibilities of managers and companies in relation to their social responsibility, according to the accepted concept of that responsibility,
  6. Identify contemporary ethical perspectives in business behavior

Course content: 

  • Character of business ethics 
  • Ethical behavior
  • Managing ethical behavior 
  • Content of ethical changes in management
  • Ethics and social responsibility 
  • Code of ethics 
  • Perspectives on business ethics
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