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Economic Statistics

Course Title

Economic Statistics


MST 210



Course objectives (competencies): The aim of the course is to prepare students in the best possible way to use statistical databases (either domestic or foreign, published or presented online), according to their needs for quantitative research.

Upon completion of classes and passing the exam, students should be able to:

  • Establish the connection between economic theory and economic analysis;
  • Apply statistical methods in economic research; 
  • Perform a mathematical check of the economic (theoretical) settings.

Course content: The study program in economic statistics monitors the application of statistical methods from the aspect of their verification in practice, through the selection of appropriate strategies and stock evaluations, which should contribute to making more correct and efficient decisions.The course covers material for population (demographic statistics), labor force and employment, capacity and analysis of economic activity (statistics and analysis of production, measurement and analysis of labor productivity, prices, living standards, foreign trade, market conjuncture and macroeconomic models ). The students strive to be able to understand and apply the problem and to be good analysts of the applied methods, as well as to use the data obtained from the SSO of the Republic of Macedonia and the international statistical information systems. 

70 години

Во 2020 Економскиот факултет при Универзитетот “Св. Кирил и Методиј” во Скопје слави 70 години од своето основање.