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Industrial Policy

Course Title

Industrial Policy


ECN 380


Prof. Ljubomir Kekenovski, PhD (Full Professor)

Course objectives (competencies): Upon completion of teaching and passing this course, students should be able to use the obtained knowledge about:

  •  The connection between industry and development, i.e. on the industry-leasing process:
  • The theoretical foundations and practical experiences in the application of industrialization strategies
  •  The theoretical and practical knowledge of industrial policy in some countries in the world, and especially for the industrial policy of the European Union and some of the countries of the European Union;
  • The purposes, types and instruments of industrial policy; for the energy bases of the development of the industry and in that context with the creation and operation of the energy policy.
  • The basic characteristics of the industry as a subsystem of the large economic system;
  • The specific methods of analysis and for presenting the knowledge used in industrial policy and gaining knowledge of their specific application;
  • Theoretical aspects and practical, applicable knowledge in the field of industrial policy and some elements of industrial economics;
  • The scientific-technical progress in the industry;

Course content: The subject of the program is to provide theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of industrial policy including certain elements of industrial economics and scientific – technological progress in industry

  • First part
  • Industry and development
  • Energy bases of industry development
  • Industrialization strategies
  • Introductory part:Industrial policy in some countries
  • Second part
  • Industrial policy
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