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Macedonian Economy

Course Title

Macedonian Economy


ECN 240


Prof.Pece Nedanovski, PhD (Full Professor)

Course objectives (competencies): Upon completion of teaching and passing this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of the economic system and economic policy used in economics, from a theoretical and practical point of view;
  • Know the methods for studying the economic phenomena and for presenting the knowledge from the aspect of their concrete application;
  • Understand the individual subsystems in the economic system of Macedonia by identifying their basic characteristics;
  • Know the holders, measures and instruments of economic policy given their impact on economic flows in a national economy;
  • Analyze the specific measures and instruments of economic policy applied in the Macedonian economy, based on their contribution to solving certain problems (economic instability, inflation, unemployment, etc.).

Course content: Economic system, economic policy and economic activity; Development and characteristics of the economic system of Macedonia; Institutional structure in the economic system of Macedonia; Objectives, tasks and instruments of economic policy of Macedonia; Structure and structural changes in the Macedonian economy; Unemployment and inflation in Macedonia; Economic growth and development of Macedonia

70 години

Во 2020 Економскиот факултет при Универзитетот “Св. Кирил и Методиј” во Скопје слави 70 години од своето основање.