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Statistics for Business and Economics

Course Title

Statistics for Business and Economics


MST 120


Prof. Kalina Trenevska Blagoeva, PhD (Full Professor)

Marija Trpkova Nestorovska, PhD (Associate Professor)

Course objectives (competencies): Upon completion of teaching and passing this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the conceptual definition and meaning of statistical terminology;
  • Use descriptive analysis in data analysis;
  • Use probability and random variables in solving business problems;
  • Understand statistical inference which is the basis for interpreting results and making business decisions;
  • Use correlation and prostate and multiple regression;
  • Know the basics of analysis of variance;
  • Understand the basics of index numbers and time series analysis methods.

Course content: The course enables understanding and mastering the basics of statistics. It aims to enable students to use basic statistical methods in solving economic and business problems. By applying the statistical methodology, students will be very successful in recognizing, discovering and explaining the laws and relationships between economic phenomena and phenomena. The subject program is conceived identically to the subject programs in business statistics and economics at world-renowned universities. It covers the following sections:(1) Introduction; (2) Descriptive analysis; (3) Random variable and probability schedules; (4) Statistical sample; (5) Statistical evaluation; (6) Testing of statistical hypotheses; (7) Analysis of variance; (8) Chi-square test; (9) Simple rectilinear regression and correlation; (10) Multiple rectilinear regression and correlation; (11) Index numbers; and (12) Time series analysis.

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