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Business Planning

Course title

Business Planning


MGT 330


Prof. Stojan Debarliev, PhD (Full Professor)

Course objectives (competences): 

The purpose of the course Business planning is to enable students to gain in-depth knowledge of planning activity in enterprises and specific skills to apply this knowledge in practice. The course curriculum elaborates on the theoretical aspects of business planning and then focuses on their practical application.

By acquiring the knowledge of the course curriculum, the students will be able:

·         To understand the importance and necessity of planned activity of enterprises in their functioning;

·         To determine the elements of contents approach to planning;

·         To be able to prepare planning decisions on objectives, policies, and plans as final products of the planning process;

·         To apply the methodology and methods of planning in the preparation of strategic, operational, and business plans in enterprises.

Course content:

·        The essence and importance of business planning

·        Objectives as a result of planning activity

·        Business policy as a result of planning activity

·        Plan as a result of planning activity

·        The nature of strategic planning

·        Strategic planning methods and techniques

·        Operational planning methods and techniques

·        Develop a successful business plan

·        Creating an effective business model

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