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Corporate financial strategy

Course title

Corporate financial strategy


 CFM 512


Assoc. prof. Aleksandar Naumoski

Course objectives (competences):

After comlpeting this course, student shall be able to:

  • Understand the central role of valuation as a fundamental principle in the domain of financial decision-making
  • Understanding how individual finance decisions affect the value of the company and the achievement of its goals
  • Apply the framework and concepts of corporate finance to real-world decision making
  • Formulate a capital investment strategy and carry out analysis and evaluation of investment projects
  • Understand the importance of capital structure and its impact on company value
  • Understand how and when the dividend and redemption of the shares increase the value of the company and when not
  • Formulating the best financial strategy that is most appropriate for the phase of the business life cycle of the company
  • Build effective collaborative skills in individual and team problem solving
Course content:

·        Corporate goals

·        Roles and responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer

·        Corporate finance and financial strategy

·        Linking corporate and financial strategy

·        Investor behavior and capital market efficiency

·        Company share price: analysis and monitoring

·        The value of the company and the value of the share capital

·        Investment decisions and strategies

·        International operations and investments

·        Identifying and evaluating real options

·        Strategic working capital management

·        Dividend policy

·        Capital structure and capital expenditure

·        Business lifecycle and financial strategy start financial strategy from start-up to growth

·        Financial strategy from growth to maturity and decline

·        Mergers and acquisitions

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