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Corporate Risk Management

Course title

Corporate Risk Management


 CFM 514


Assoc. prof. Aleksandar Naumoski

Course objectives (competences):

After completing and passing this course, students will be able to: 

·         identify and categorize different sources of risk (market, credit, operational risk); ·         design a risk management process; 

·         understand the place and role of the risk management department in the organizational structure of the enterprise and the role of the risk manager; 

·         understand the importance that risk management has to shareholders and other stakeholders 

·         learn how to make the best business decisions, where the highest return is achieved for the level of risk taken 

·         perform risk measurement and assessment using appropriate techniques and models (VaR, scenario analysis, stress test, etc.) 

·         apply derivative instruments as a way of dealing with risks (interest rate, currency, credit derivatives, etc.)

·        apply integrated risk management.

Course content:

·        The concept of corporate risk

·        Risk tolerance and risk premium

·        Risk diversification

·        Risk management

·        Market risk management

·        Credit risk management

·        Operational Risk Management

·        Use of derivative instruments for hedging currency risk

·        Use of derivative instruments for hedging interest rate risk

·        Other cases of hedging with derivative instruments

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