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Customer Relationship Management

Course title

Customer Relationship Management


 EBU 420


Lidija Pulevska Ivanovska

Course objectives (competences):
 The purpose of the course Consumer Relationship Management is to enable students to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of Customer Relationship Management Systems and specific skills for applying this knowledge in practice. To accomplish these goals, the course program will elaborate the theoretical aspects of customer relationship management and then focus on their practical application. 

By adopting the knowledge of this course program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the essence of the CRM concept;
  • Use data from surveys, transactions, internet, social networks, etc. for measuring and managing customer relationships;
  • Apply the potentials of information systems to support the implementation of the CRM concept in business practice;
  • Identify key success factors for CRM;
  • Use the Balanced scorecard to measure the effectiveness of CRM activities (Customer Scorecard).
Course content:

The course Customer Relationship Management focuses on the tools, metrics and systems used to measure and manage customer relationships. The course will cover: fundamentals of CRM concept; CRM value chain; information technologies for CRM; implementing and integrating CRM; levels of CRM; portfolio analysis of consumers; consumer databases; creating value for consumers; customer life cycle management; measuring the effectiveness of CRM activities by using the Balanced Scorecard (Customer Scorecard).

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