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ERP Systems

Course title

ERP Systems


 EBU 410


Kalina Trenevska Blagoeva

Course objectives (competences):

After completing the course and passing this course, students should be able to:

· Understand the ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning system;

· Develop a justification for the implementation of ERP systems in companies to make a successful presentation of it;

· Understand and coordinate the process of implementing ERP systems in organizations;

· Work with the core modules in selected software.

Course content:
An essential phase in e-business is the digitization of business processes in organizations and their relationships with partners and customers. Through the course of ERP systems, students will learn how to fully implement Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP System), a system that unites all functions and departments, all business processes in the enterprise. Topics to be presented and discussed in more detail: system features, justifying the need for ERP implementation, steps and factors that need to be addressed to consider the successful use of these systems, the life cycle phases of an ERP system, the life cycle phases of an ERP system, the most important and most commonly used modules, and finally the implementation of ERP systems. Furthermore, as part of the exercises, students will work on a specific software package.
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