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European Economic Integration

Course title

European Economic Integration


 INT 512


Irena Kikerkova, PhD

Elena Makrevska Disoska, PhD

Course objectives (competences): 

By the end of the lectures, students should have a thorough view of the regional economic integration phases and processes. Тhe course emphasize upon all the important changes and challenges that the common policies of the European Union face at present. Special attention will be devoted to the economic opportunities and challenges generated by economic integration, and to the assessment of the policies designed to support this process. The course also presents the actual issues in regard of the sovereign debt crisis, euro crisis, migrant crisis and BREXIT absolving at the same time the institutional and structural changes in the Union.

Course content: 

1.       Theoretical aspects of the regional economic integration;

2.      From European Economic Community to European Union (intergovernmental conferences and primary legislation);

3.      The stages of the European Economic Integration (Customs Union, Common Market, Economic and Monetary Union);

4.      How the EU promotes growth and employment: Europe 2020 and Smart Growth Agenda;

5.      Internal Policies of the European Economic Integration (horizontal and sectoral);

6.      External dimension of the EU (EU as a global actor, Common Foreign and Security Policy);

7.      Institutional changes (deepening and widening of the EU);

8.      Perspectives of the EU.

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