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External Reporting

Course title

External Reporting




Prof. Atanasko Atanasovski, Ph.D.

Course objectives (competences):

Upon completion of course instruction and successful passing of the examination, students should be competent for:

  • Preparation of complete set of financial statements in accordance with IFRS requirements
  • Critical analysis, evaluation and selection of IFRS accounting policies for the most significant business transactions
  • Drafting consolidated financial statements and apply method of full consolidation including equity method for investments in associates.
  • Disclosure of relevant financial information in the notes to the financial statements
    Financial statement analysis resulting from information presented and disclosed in the complete set of general purpose financial statements
  • Evaluation of the quality of accounting and financial reporting through indicators calculated based on the key accounting categories and positions in the financial statements

Course content:

  1. Regulatory and conceptual framework of financial reporting.
  2. Presentation of complete set of financial statements in accordance with IFRS requirements
  3. Accounting for tangible non-current assets
  4. Intangible assets
  5. Impairment of assets
  6. Inventories and construction contracts
  7. Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets
  8. Accounting for financial instruments
  9. Accounting for leases
  10. Accounting for taxation
  11. Consolidated financial statements
  12. Accounting for associates
  13. Earnings per share
  14. Analysis of financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS
  15. Cash flow statements
  16. Analysis of accounting quality
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