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Financial Management

Course title

Financial Management


 MGT 390


Sasho Arsov, Ph.D., CFA

Aleksandar Naumoski, Ph.D.

Course objectives (competences):

After the completion of the course, the students should be able to:

1.       Analyze and assess the financial condition of the company through a computation of a set of financial ratios and interpretation of the obtained results;

2.      Prepare pro-forma (planned) financial statements and use them in making financial decisions;

3.      Implement the basic capital budgeting techniques and assess the efficiency of the proposed investment projects.

4.      Understand the features of the various types of securities used as sources of long-term financing and estimate their respective values.

5.      Use the generally accepted valuation concepts to estimate the cost of capital from different sources, as well as the average cost of capital.

6.     Understand and analyze the impact of the different types of dividend policy on the achievement of the financial management objectives on the basis of the known theoretical postulates and practical experience.

Course content:

1.       The company, capital and financial management

2.      Review of accounting

3.      Financial analysis and financial planning

4.      Time value of money

5.      Long-term financial decisions (financing and investing)

6.      Risk, return and portfolio management.

7.      Financial derivatives

8.     Convertible securities

9.      Short-term financial decisions (financing and working capital management)

10.  Cost of capital, leverage and capital structure.

11.   Dividend policy

12.  Mergers and acquisitions.

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