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Human Resource Management

Course title

Human Resource Management


MGT 240


Ph.D Ljupco Eftimov, Associate Professor

Course objectives (competences):

 After completing this course students should be able to:

1.     Understand the basic concepts, functions and processes of the human resources management.

2.    Explain the feasibility and nature of the link between business strategy and HR strategy

3.    Plan the optimal number of employees and design adequate organizational structure and job positions.

4.    Demonstrate the ability to prepare a selection strategy for a specific job.

5.     Identify and diagnose organizational needs for training and development and, recommend and implement development solutions to organizational problems

6.    Define and explain the concept of performance management and outline its role in enhancing employee performance

7.     Evaluate a benefits package that supports the organization’s strategy outline, and recognize and reward the best workers.

Course content:

1.         Introduction in Human Resource Management

2.        Strategic human resource management

3.        Work analysis

4.        Human resource planning

5.        Human resource recruitment

6.        Human resource selection

7.         Human resource training

8.        Professional development of human resources

9.        Measurement of the human resources performances

10.      Human resource reward systems

11.       Career management

12.       Stress management

13.     International HRM

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