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Integrated Marketing Communications

Course title Integrated Marketing Communications
Code МКТ 320
Professor prof. Anita Ciunova-Shuleska
Course objectives (competences): After completing this course:
  1. Students should be able to understand the principles and practices of integrated marketing communication
  2. Students should be able to successfully combine marketing communications tools (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing and digital marketing) through analysis of the effects that might follow
  3. Students should be able to analyze and evaluate the cost effectiveness of various forms of media;
  4. Students should be able to develop an integrated media strategy and creative message to reach the target audience
  5. Students should be able to prepare a marketing communication brief
  6. Students should be able to apply the various control mechanisms to evaluate marketing communication activities;
Students should be able to prepare an IMC Plan.
Course content:  
  1. An introduction to integrated marketing communications
  2. Consumer behavior and marketing communications
  3. Communication process
  4. Message, source and channel factors
  5. Objectives and budgeting
  6. Creative strategy
  7. Media planning
  8. Marketing communications program
  9. Measuring marketing communications effectiveness
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