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International Finance

Course title

International Finance


 FIN 310


Goran Petrevski

Course objectives (competences):

After completing this course, students should:

1.       understand the organization and the mechanics of the exchange rate markets,

2.      understand the exchange rate regimes,

3.      be familiar with the contemporary theory on determination of exchange rates,

4.      obtain insight into the historical development of international monetary regimes,

5.      be familiar with the structure of the balance of payments,

6.      understand the basic features and functions of currency derivatives.

Course content:

1.       Exchange rate markets

2.      Spot and forward exchange rates

3.      Currency risk and currency derivatives

4.      Theory of exchange rates

5.      The gold standard

6.      The Bretton-Woods system

7.      The International Monetary Fund

8.      Exchange rate regimes

9.      Optimal currency areas

10.   The balance of payments

11.    Global capital markets

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