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Internet Marketing

Course title

Internet Marketing


 EBU 220


Associate Professor Dimitar Jovevski Ph.D.

Course objectives (competences):
After completing the course, students should be able to: 

•   Define and create the ideal buying persona ;

•   Know how to create a digital marketing strategy;

•   Know how to select appropriate digital channels for communication with users;

•   Know how to create a complete online marketing campaign on their own;

•   Understanding how the buyer uses information from the internet and how to make a purchase decision;

•   Understanding the place and role of internet marketing communications in the marketing plan;

•   Using up-to-date tools and forms when making operational and tactical decisions regarding internet marketing;

•   Full application of internet marketing communication techniques.

Course content:

The application and use of digital marketing internet in the achievement of business goals for the enterprise as well as the development of larger systems is gaining importance in today’s business environment. Therefore, studying this discipline as part of the teaching of business studies is a must in order to give students the knowledge and skills necessary for their successful participation in marketing teams as participants or marketing managers. The content of this course is:

•         Introduction to digital marketing

•         Digital micro environment

•         Digital macro environment

•         Digital marketing strategy

•         The impact of digital media and technology marketing on the marketing mix

•         Social media marketing

•         Traffic building

•         Delivering online customer experience

•         Campaign planning for digital marketing

•         Integrated digital marketing communications

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