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Management Accounting II

Course Title

Management Accounting II


АCC 310


Marina Trpeska, Ph.D.

The course Management Accounting II has been accredited by ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Accreditation brings great benefits to the students of the Faculty of Economics – Skopje. Thanks to the accreditation, they can receive exemptions from ACCA papers during their studies, thus greatly accelerating their path to ACCA membership.

Course objectives (competencies):

 After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Make a difference between the different types of responsibility centers and their performance measurement;
  • Understand the advantages of accounting budgeting and its effective application in the enterprise;
  • Use flexible plans as a control instrument;
  • Calculate variances between planned or standard costs and actual costs;
  • Understand the characteristics of accounting information for management;
  • Use accounting data in capital budgeting;
  • Explain the need, importance, and usefulness of financial statements used for management purposes;
  • Get acquainted with the development, goals, and objectives of professional accounting organizations in the field of management accounting.

Course content:

  1. Master budget;
  2. Flexible plans and control;
  3. Standard costs and deviations;
  4. Responsibility Accounting;
  5. Transfer prices;
  6. Capital Budgeting;
  7. Financial Statements Analysis;
  8. Features of some professional organizations in the area of ​​management accounting.
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