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Managing Marketing Channels

Course title



  (MKT 230)


Prof.Ezeni Brzovska, PhD

Course objectives (competences): 
  • Understanding terminology for marketing channels;
  • Having knowledge for theoretical concepts and business practices related to marketing channels;
  • Understanding the strategies in marketing channels;
  • Managing marketing activities related to development of marketing channels.
Course content:

The main focus in teaching this subject is marketing channel management. In an increasingly dynamic environment, it is essential to create a sustainable competitive advantage by creating an optimal combination of marketing channels.

Throughout the course, through practical examples, strategies for managing marketing channels are analyzed and identified. Since it is a complex system of relationships within marketing channels, within the classes are  identify the causes of conflicts as well as the sources of power in marketing channels. Real-life practical examples, discussions, and expert assignments also identify new challenges facing marketing channels, such as their transformation into new forms as a result of the development of digital technology, operating in an international environment, the importance of franchise systems and marketing features service sector channels.

Chapter 1. Marketing Channel Systems

Chapter 2. Developing marketing channels

Chapter 3. Manage marketing channels

Chapter 4. Additional aspects of marketing channels

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