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Operational Research

Course title

Operational Research


 MGT 395


Assoc. prof. Violeta Cvetkoska

Course objectives (competences): 

After completing the course and passing the exam, students should be able to:  

·         use their own acquired skills and intuition for recognizing real problems in different business situations and to solve them properly;

·         create proper explicit models with embedded explicit purpose, and to use a variety of quantitative techniques for finding optimal/best solutions and perform sensitivity analysis;

·         be careful when choosing variables and using data from different sources;

·         recognize limitations about the values that might appear within the variables;

·         identify alternative decisions that have effect on the objective, and be familiar with the interaction between them, as well as to make better decisions, and

·         communicate ideas and work successfully in teams.

Course content: 

  • Model approach on operational research;
  • Methodology for optimal decision making;
  • Production optimization;
  • Models for control of the inventory;
  • Linear programing;
  • Nonlinear programing;
  • Integer programing;
  • Dynamic programing;
  • Multi-criteria decision making;
  • Queuing models; 
  • Simulation modeling and
  • Project management
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