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Project Management

Course title

Project Management


 MGT 380


Sasho Arsov, Ph.D., CFA

Course objectives (competences):

After the completion of the course, the students should be able to:

  • Define the project and identify its scope and objectives, through a development of a project specification;
  • Structure the project to its constituent activities, identify their interdependencies, their duration, resources and costs;
  • Develop a risk management plan as a component of the project management process;
  • Make decisions related to the creation and development of the project team, its co-ordination and motivation, resolution of conflicts, etc.
  • Determine the shortest possible duration of a project through a development of a Gantt-chart and a Project Network Plan;
  • Use MS Project as a tool in the process of planning, implementation and monitoring of the project, prepare the reports necessary for the communication with the internal and external stakeholders and interpret the information contained in these reports.
Course content:
  1. Definition of project and project management.
  2. Projects and company organisational structures.
  3. Work breakdown structure.
  4. Project planning and scheduling.
  5. Estimation of project costs.
  6. Project network techniques.
  7. Use of software in project management.
  8. Project implementation, audit and control.
  9. Project teams and the role of the project manager.
  10. Project management software
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