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Public Relations

Course title

Public Relations


 MKT 450


Prof. Nikolina Palamidovska-Sterjadovska, Ph.D.

Course objectives (competences):

 ·       To understand the essentials and role of public relations in integrated marketing communications.

·       To gain knowledge about the historical development of public relations.

·       To understand the stages of the public relations process.

·       To be able to identify the target audiences of the organization and to create appropriate communication.

·       To be able to develop appropriate public relations tactics.

Course content: 

Chapter 1: Introduction to public relations

Chapter 2: The history and evolution of public relations

Chapter 3: Theoretical foundations of public relations

Chapter 4: Communication and public opinion

Chapter 5: The public relations process

5.1. Research

5.2. Planning

5.3. Communication

5.4. Evaluation

Chapter 6: Target audiences

6.1. Media relations

6.2. Employee relations

6.3. Community relations

6.4. Government relations

6.5. Customer relations

6.6. International relations

Chapter 7: Public relations tactics

Chapter 8: Public relations and social media

Chapter 9: Crisis public relations

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