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Quantitative Methods for Financial Management

Course title

Quantitative Methods for Financial Management


CFM 520


Assoc. Prof. Violeta Cvetkoska

Course objectives (competences): 

After completing the course and passing the exam, students should be able to:  

·         apply the phases of quantitative analysis approach (define a problem, develop a model, collect data, develop solution, test the solution, analyze results and implement the results) while solving problems in the financial area;

·         understand how different statistical, optimization and multi-criteria methods and techniques are used for analyzing financial problems;

·         use the non-parametric methodology DEA to estimate the financial performances on the corporations;

·         develop spreadsheet models by using actual financial data;

·         use software tools for solving linear, simulation and multi-criteria models, same as for the models of the non-parametric methodology DEA and

·         apply analytical methods in a financial context, and use the solutions for better decision making.

Course content: 

  • Problem solving and decision making;
  • Quantitative analysis and decision making;
  • Spreadsheet modeling;
  • Optimization modeling;
  • Multi-criteria decision making;
  • Decision making in terms of risks;
  • Simulation modeling and
  • Forecasting models
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