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Strategic Management

Course title

Strategic Management


 MGT 310


Ljubomir Drakulevski, PhD

Course objectives (competences): 

The purpose of the Strategic Management course program is to enable students to acquire in-depth knowledge of strategic management and specific skills for applying this knowledge into practice. To achieve these goals, the course program will elaborate on the theoretical aspects of strategic management and then focus on their practical application. 

By adopting the knowledge of this course program, students will be able to: 

  • Understanding theories and concepts of strategic management;
  • Master the vocabulary associated with strategic management; 
  • Integrate knowledge gained from individual functional management;
  • Develop analytical and communication skills as well as teamwork skills.

Course content: 

  1. The character of strategic management
  2. Managers and strategic management 
  3. Assessment of the external environment
  4. Assessment of the internal environment 
  5. Formulating a strategy
  6. Strategy analysis and selection
  7. Strategy execution 
  8. Evaluation and control of the strategy 
  9. Technology and innovation 
  10. Strategic management and small business
70 години

Во 2020 Економскиот факултет при Универзитетот “Св. Кирил и Методиј” во Скопје слави 70 години од своето основање.