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E-Business Management - one year studies

Conditions for enrollment and advancement in studies

Students are eligible to enroll in study program E-business management having completed a four-year undergraduate study program or a first-cycle study program with a total of 240ECTS.

Students from any field can enroll in the study program because the e-business models subject of the studies are being utilized in all areas of economy and society.

Upon completion of the planned activities, you are awarded a Master’s degree in economic sciences in the field of E-business management.

Job competencies

  • jobs in the field of business and economy based on more intensive use of ICT (information communication technologies);
  • managers of companies that make extensive use of web-based technologies in their contacts with suppliers, customers, financial institutions and the public sector;
  • managers who organize the design and development of web-based information systems in large, medium and small enterprises
  • jobs in the public sector which utilize web-based services towards citizens and companies
  • jobs in companies which design and utilize web-based technologies
  • marketing managers who develop marketing strategies through the Internet and other wireless technologies
  • managers of digital enterprises
  • consulting services related to the design and implementation of e-business solutions in the private and public sector.

General and specific competencies

Through continuous transfer of modern and in-depth knowledge on the application of new ICT in business, after the completion of the study program of the second cycle studies in E-business management, students will acquire the following generic (general) competencies:

  • Ability to work in interdisciplinary teams in organizations in a global and multicultural environment;
  • Ability to analyze, synthesize and critically evaluate facts and solve business problems;
  • Ability to connect theoretical knowledge with practical application;
  • Ability for creativity and innovation when creating new ideas and solutions
  • Ability to make quality business decisions

Students will also acquire the following specific competencies:

  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge of modern world practices for managing e-business
  • Ability to recognize the potentials and opportunities of ICT as the driver for change in the knowledge-based economy
  • Ability to research and anticipate the needs for implementation of e-business solutions in the area of business and economy
  • Ability to design, create, implement and manage e-business solutions and web-based information systems in accordance to the strategic goals of the organization
  • Ability to identify, map, analyze and present improved business processes
  • Acquiring consulting skills in the area of e-business in the private and public sector
  • Ability to develop marketing strategies through the Internet and other wireless technologies
  • Ability to understand and analyze the theories and practices in the area of e-government
  • Ability to manage the supply chain
  • Ability to continue their education in the third cycle of studies
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