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Marketing – Study program 2022/23

The post graduate program – Marketing lasts 2 semesters and includes preparation of a master thesis.

The structure of the courses is as follows:

  • Three mandatory courses determined by the study program in the respective semesters of the year.
  • Three elective courses specified in the study program according to the semesters of study.
  • One elective course from the list of courses set by the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje.

The number of regular teaching and mentoring classes are determined by the number of students enrolled. The posgarduate student may submit his theses and the master thesis’ subject accompanied with reasoning, after earning 44 ECTS credits by passing the exams which he or she has enrolled. The master thesis is 16 ECTS credits. In order to obtain a Master’s degree, the student must earn 60 ECTS according to the Law on Higher Education. Upon completion of the study program the student obtain the title: Master of Science in Economics in the field of Marketing.


The purpose of the post graduate program in the field of MARKETING is to enable the students to acquire in-depth knowledge in marketing and specific skills for applying this knowledge in practice. In order to achieve these goals the study program elaborates the theoretical aspects of this field, with a particular focus on their practical application.

By adopting the knowledge of this study program, the student is expected to demonstrate the following knowledge, abilities and skills:

Knowledge and understanding:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the marketing concept and its importance in the operation of modern businesses.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of specific types of consumers and the factors that influence their behavior.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the various methods used in marketing research and the application of the obtained resultsin the operation of the company.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the individual elements of the marketing plan and the various strategies used to successfully run a business.

Applying knowledge and understanding:

  • Capable of independent decision making regarding product, price, distribution and promotion as key aspects of the performance of any company.
  • Independently develops a marketing research project, applying knowledge of the individual stages of the marketing research process.
  • Independently analyzes individual marketing instruments and consumer behavior.
  • Able to develop a marketing plan and propose appropriate marketing strategies according to the results of the research.

Appraisal ability:

  • Demonstrates ability to evaluate and select scientific theories, methodologies and tools in the field of marketing.
  • Demonstrates ability to critically evaluate and compare marketing trends in the country and worldwide.
  • Demonstrates ability to identify and collect relevant data, analyze and interpret it.

Communication skills:

  • Has the ability to participate independently in scientific discussions and to successfully communicate in a professional team.
  • Successfully applies the principles and codes of professional business communication.
  • Has an understanding of the psychological processes upon which consumer behavior is based, as well as human behavior in general.

Learning Skills:

  • Has advanced learning skills – reading, writing, critical analysis, interactive participation, observation.
  • Demonstrates ability to critically evaluate the presented ideas, offer original solutions and successfully handle each task.
  • Demonstrates ability to independently identify one’s own needs and interest in continuing education and professional development.

Further studies:

The students can enroll in doctoral studies organized by the Faculty of Economics in Skopje, or at international universities abroad.

CodeCourse NameSemesterWeekly Hours per ActivityECTS
MKT 541Principles of MarketingFirst24166
MKT 546Marketing ManagementFirst24166
MKT 547Marketing Research MethodsFirst24166
MKT 544Elective Course*First24169
Elective Course*Second24166
Elective Course*Second24166
Elective Course*Second24166
Master Thesis18

CodeCourse NameSemesterWeekly Hours per activityECTS
MKT 542Consumer BehaviorSecond24166
MKT 543Marketing Communications and BrandingSecond24166
MKT 545Distribution with Sell MethodsSecond24166
MKT 548International MarketingSecond24166
MKT 549Services MarketingSecond24166
MKT 5410Pricing StrategySecond24166
MKT 5411Digital Marketing and Internet TechnologiesSecond24166
MKT 5412NeuromarketingSecond24166
MKT 5413Social Media AnalyticsSecond24166

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