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Strategic Human Resource study program - two year


The two-year studies of the Strategic Human Resource study program (model 3+2 or 120 ECTS credits) are organized in two study year i.e. four semesters.

  1. Eight compulsory subjects determined by the study program according to semesters of studying (maximum 60% out of the total number of provided subjects)
  1. Four elective subjects determined by the study program according to semester of studying (30% out of the total number of the subjects from the List of subjects determined by Faculty of Economics – Skopje)
  1. Two elective subjects (10% out of the total number of subjects from the List of subjects determined by Ss. “Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje).

Mission and goals

The mission of the study program for Strategic human resource management is to educate highly-educated professionals which will be further enabled to follow and apply the newest knowledges and worldwide practices of management of human resource’s field, and also qualifying HRM professionals who areable to satisfy the needs for quality, motivated, and loyal human resources in their organizations 

The study program of post-graduate Strategic human resource management studies has a goal to produce qualified MA’s who will further upgrade their profession, who will be able to develop their work environment through innovative and business way of thinking, who will be applying the principles of efficiency and ethic with their employees, and who will be able and open to accept and quickly adjust to the organizational changes which are brought by today’s globalized and dynamic work. It is expected that the MA’s will gain rich and heterogeneous experience, and also develop appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of organizational sciences with special accent to strategic human resource management.

Jobs for which the master graduates are qualified

The study program strategic human resource management is carefully constructed to satisfy the educational needs of the students who have started or want to have a career in this profession, to develop their knowledge, and to gain specific skills in the field of strategic human resource management. After completing the studies, students will gain knowledge, skills, and competences which will enable them to get a job in the private or public sector like:

  • managers or professionals working in the fields of human resources in the private companies;
  • entrepreneurs and line managers which in accordance with the decription of the qualifications for the job are also responsible for managing the human resources;
  • directors or employers responsible for the human resource management in the public institutions (police, education, health, foreign affairs etc) or in specific organizations like Ministry of information society and administration, Ministry of labour and social policy, or in other ministries, then in all those institutions in which some of the basic HRM functions like employment, training and development and employee relations are being practiced;
  • employed in employment mediation agencies, centres for training and career development, and consulting companies;
  • employed in educational institutions as lecturers or researchers in this field.



After finishing the second cycle University studies, the Strategic Human Resource Management study program at the Faculty of Economics – Skopje, the student will be able to continue their education on the third study cycle.

For more information about this study program please contact eftimov@eccf.ukim.edu.mk

Semester 1

SHR 510Strategic Human Resource Management407Prof. LjupcoEftimov, PhD
SHR 530Developing Professional Employability Skills407Prof. Ljupcho Eftimov, PhD Prof. Nikola Levkov, PhD
SHR 580Theory of Organization408Prof.Kiril Postolov, PhD
SHR 550Knowledge management408Prof.Nikola Levkov, PhD

Semester 2

SHR 518Organizational Behavior407Prof. Ljubomir Drakulevski, PhD
MGT 520Change Management408Prof. Leonid Nakov, PhD
SHR 540Performance Management408Prof. LjupcoEftimov, PhD
 Elective subject from the List of the Faculty of Economics-Skopje 407 

Semester 3

 Elective subject  from the University’s List 407 
 Elective subject  from the University’s List 402 
SHR 520International Human Resource Management407Prof. Stojan Debarliev, PhD
 Elective subject from the List of the Faculty of Economics-Skopje 407 
 Elective subject from the List of the Faculty of Economics-Skopje 407 

Semester 4

SHRMaster thesis 16 
SHR-TNField teaching 40 
 Elective subject from the List of the Faculty of Economics-Skopje 40 

Winter semester

MGT 519New opportunities and entrepreneurship407Prof. Stojan Debarliev, PhD
MGT 515Small business management407Prof. Aleksandra Janeska-Iliev, PhD
MGT 517International Management407Prof. Ljubomir Drakulevski, PhD
EBU 310Enterprise data organization408Prof. Saso Josimovski, PhD
SHR 570Business ethics407Prof. Leonid Nakov, PhD

Summer semester

ACC 520Corporate Governance407Prof. Stojan Debarliev, PhD
SHR 560Management Information Systems408Prof.Nikola Levkov, PhD
SHR 590Strategic Management408Prof. Ljubomir Drakulevski, PhD
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