Principles of Management

Course Title

Principles of Management


MGT 210


Leonid Nakov, PhD (Full Professor)

Stojan Debarliev, PhD (Full Professor)


The purpose of the curriculum of Principles of Management is to enable students to acquire knowledge concerning management of companies and specific skills in order to apply this knowledge in practice. To achieve these goals the curriculum elaborates theoretical aspects of management, management development, the role of managers in the company, the social responsibility of the company and the relationship between corporate governance and management, and then focuses on their practical application.

By adopting the knowledge of this course, students will be able:

  • To understand the notional definition, meaning and content of management, managers, functions of management, social responsibility and corporate governance;
  • To master the terminology associated with the basic functions of management;
  • To develop technical, conceptual, communicational and analytical managerial skills;
  • To become familiar with the fundamental scientific differences between classical and modern schools of management;
  • To develop the ability to assess the importance of corporate social responsibility as a crucial function of the board of directors and managers in their daily work,
  • To understand the power of the board of directors in making strategic and tactical business decisions in the company

Course content:

  • Management and managers
  • The character of the management
  • Global changes in the environment
  • Management process (planning, organizing, coordinating, motivating and controlling)
  • Decision making
  • Corporate social responsibility and ethics
  • Small business and entrepreneurship
  • Corporate governance


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