Annex No. 3 First Cycle Studies Course Programme
1. Course Title Information Systems Analysis and Design
2. Code EBU 430
3. Study programme E-business
4. Organizer of the study programme (university unit i.e. institute, chair, department)

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

Faculty of Economics – Skopje

Chair of E-business

5. Level (first, second, third cycle) First cycle
6. Academic year / semester


(winter semester)

7. Number of ECTS credits 7.5
8. Professor Prof. Mijalche Santa, PhD
9. Preconditions for enrolment None

Course Objectives (Competencies):

After taking this course, students should be able to:

  1. able to determine and implement an appropriate methodology for information systems development

  2. will know and use different techniques to determine and collect the users requirements and features of the information system

  3. create and interpret various documents related to system analysis including use cases, user stories, data flow diagrams.

  4. to determine and justify an appropriate plan for the installation of the information system in the organization


Course content:

The course introduces students in detail to the basic concepts, techniques and methodologies that are relevant to the development of information systems. The course focuses on identifying needs, analyzing them, designing models and developing information systems. Through practical exercises, the course provides a context for the implementation of information systems and the selection of appropriate concepts for the development and implementation of information systems.

12. Learning methods: Lectures with presentations, interactive lectures, team work, guest lecturer, case studies, preparation and presentation of a project assignment
13. Total hours 7.5 ЕCTS х 30 hours = 225 hours
14. Allocation of hours per activity 60+30+25+20+90= 225 classes
15. Types of teaching activates 15.1. Lectures 60 classes
15.2. Exercises (Seminars) 30 classes
16. Other types of activities 16.1. Project assignments 25 classes
16.2. Individual assignments 20 classes
16.3 Self-study 90 classes
17. Grading method: 70+20+10=100 points
17.1. Tests (Domain, Essay, Multiple choice exam, Case)


17.2. Individual assignments/project


17.3. Attendance and class participations


18. Grading scale less than 50 points 5 (five) (F)
from 51 tо 60 points 6 (six) (E)
from 61 tо 70 points 7 (seven) (D)
from 71 to 80 points 8 (eight) (C)
from 81 tо 90 points 9 (nine) (B)
from 91 tо 100 points 10 (ten) (A)
19. Preconditions for taking the final exam Realized activities from points 15 and 16
20. Language Macedonian (or English)
21. Evaluation method Internal evaluation and survey
22. Literature
22.1. Compulsory literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1. Dennis, Wixom, Roth Systems analysis and design – 7th edition Willey 2018
2. Mike Cohn Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum Addison-Wesley Professional 2009
Joseph Valacich and by Joseph Valacich Modern Systems Analysis and Design 9th Edition Pearson 2020
22.2. Аdditional literature
No. Author Title Publisher Year
1. Давид Ејвисон и Гај Фитзералд Развој на информациски системи: методологии, техники и алатки – 4 издание АД Вербум 2012
70 години

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