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Accounting and Auditing - One year study

The purpose of the study program of the second cycle of studies – accounting and auditing is continuous education of highly educated and competent staff who will have general knowledge of accounting science and profession and its role in providing high quality professional services to the interested wider public.

The study program of the second cycle of studies – Accounting and Auditing is lasting 2 semesters and includes the preparation of a master’s thesis.

The structure of the subjects is as follows:

  • Four compulsory subjects determined by the study program according to study semesters
  • Two elective subjects determined by the study program according to the study semesters and
  • One elective subject from the list of items specified by the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

The number of classes for regular classes and mentoring classes is determined by the number of registered students.

Educational goals

  1. To provide a theoretical basis and practical skills for recognizing and understanding the requirements of extraordinarily complex and global accounting environment;
  2. To get acquainted with the basic principles of the organization, the different approaches to management control and modern methods and techniques for internal reporting on the results of management accounting;
  3. Understanding the nature, content and form of external reporting and management’s responsibility to owners and other users of financial information (state and regulatory bodies, creditors, business partners, employees, NGOs and non-profit organizations, etc.);
  4. Assist in understanding the role of the audit profession in increasing the credibility of the financial statements of companies, state-owned enterprises and institutions, as well as understanding its contribution to improving control and resource use;
  5. To provide additional knowledge in the field of finance and corporate financing as well as the implementation and use of computer applications for external and internal reporting purposes.

Professional goals

  1. Higher and specialized staff education interested in building a career in the field of financial reporting in accordance with the requirements of IFRS, audit of financial statements of companies, internal audit in banks and other financial and non-financial organizations, state audit, management, financial and tax consulting , as well as other professional accounting services.
  2. Easier access to membership in the accounting and auditing profession at home and internationally through the compatibility of the program with the requirements of international educational standards.

In accordance with the mission and objectives of the second cycle study program in Accounting and Auditing, students will gain the following generic competencies:

  • Ability to analyze, synthesize and critically research data, facts and find the most favorable solution;
  • Ability to connect theoretical and practical knowledge;
  • Ability to read, understand and interpret international professional regulations properly;
  • Ability to apply and act in accordance with international professional regulation and ethics;
  • Compiling financial statements of all companies, private and public sector, as part of their legal obligations.

More specifically, students will gain the following specific competencies:

  • Compiling financial reports of private sector entities in accordance with International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Preparation of financial statements of public sector units in accordance with the International Accounting Standards for the Public Sector;
  • Compiling various internal reports and analyzes in accordance with the strategy of the companies in order to make the right decisions;
  • Analyzing financial statements in order to make a decision was either for lending or for investing in certain companies;
  • Performing audit of companies that are required by law;
  • Carrying out a state audit in all users of the Budget and units of local self-government;
  • Successfully managing entities’ finances and making the right financial decisions;
  • Measuring the success of entities, their profitability and profitability by giving directions and recommendations for their improvement;
  • Using information systems as an integral part of modern accounting trends;
  • Examination of entity fraud;
  • Establish a system of internal controls and monitor their functioning and make recommendations for their improvement.

Appraisal ability:

  • Able to observe and identify important conditions and trends in the internal and external environment of the enterprise, to analyze and synthesize and draw conclusions about the analyzed conditions and phenomena.
  • Developing and enhancing teamwork skills, leadership and communication skills applicable in different enterprises and situations;
  • Able to identify information needs and manage information and knowledge in organizations in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness in operations and create competitive advantages.

Communication skills:

  • Able to communicate with ideas and harmonize in teamwork;
  • Capable of evaluating and presenting information on the basis of the results obtained.

Learning skills:

  • Able to successfully master theoretical concepts, to apply techniques and methodologies in specific scientific fields and to identify the needs for further upgrading of the acquired knowledge;
  • Has the ability to participate in group discussions, critically analyze theoretical and practical aspects of the operation of enterprises, to develop and present the developed projects;
  • Able to express knowledge by answering different types of questions and analyzing specific case studies from business practice.

Qualification Obtained: Master Of Science In Accounting and Auditing.

Winter semester – First semester

CodeCourse title ClasesEKTSProfesor
ACC511External Reporting407Prof. Atanasko Atanasovski, Ph.D.
ACC513Audit407Prof. Zorica Bozhinovska -Lazarevska, PhD
ACC514Financial Statements Analysis407Prof. Zoran Minovski, PhD
ACC512Strategic Management Accounting407Prof. Marina Trpeska, PhD
 Elective course from UKIM List **102 

Summer semester – second semester

CodeCourse title ClasesEKTSProfesor
 Elective course from the Faculty of Economics *407 
 Elective course from the Faculty of Economics *407 
 Master thesis 16 
CodeCourse title ClasesEKTSProfesor
ACC 515Performance Measurement407Prof. Marina Trpeska, PhD
ACC 516Accounting Information Systems and Technologies407Prof. Zoran Minovski, PhD
ACC 517State Audit407Prof. Zorica Bozhinovska -Lazarevska, PhD
ACC 518Fraud Examination 407Prof. Zorica Bozhinovska -Lazarevska, PhD
ACC 519Financial Management407Prof. Sasho Arsov, PhD
Prof. Aleksandar Naumovski, PhD
ACC 520Corporate Governance407Prof. Stojan Debarliev, Ph.D.
Prof. Ljubomori Drakulevski, PhD
ACC 522Accounting for Governmental and Non-profit Organizations407Prof. Zoran Minovski, PhD
ACC 523Tax Accounting407

Prof.Atanasko Atanasovski, Ph.D.

70 години

Во 2020 Економскиот факултет при Универзитетот “Св. Кирил и Методиј” во Скопје слави 70 години од своето основање.