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Corporate Financial Management 2022/23

Corporate financial management

The main objective of this study program is to provide specialized knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to create top professionals – financial and investment managers – who will be a highly valued human resource for the corporation in which they work and who will continually contribute to creating greater value for the corporation.

Structure of Mandatory and Elective Courses of Second Cycle of Studies – Corporate Financial Management

  1. Three mandatory courses determined by the study program according to semesters of study.
  2. Three elective courses determined by the study program according to semesters of study.
  3. One elective course from the List of subjects, determined by “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje.

Specific objectives:

The specific objectives that will be achieved with the program of the second cycle of studies on Corporate financial management can be summarized in five main categories:

  1. Providing sources of company financing. Students will be able to make decisions about company funding sources that will be in the context of providing the most optimal capital structure and maximizing company value.
  2. Allocation of capital. The growth and development of the company needs to allocate capital to new investment projects. Students in this program will have sufficient knowledge to identify the best investment decision.
  3. Analyze. Financial managers need to constantly analyze and monitor the state of the company through a set of indicators of profitability, liquidity, solvency and efficiency.
  4. Administrate. With the help of analytical activities and systems, financial managers need to have a detailed understanding of the performance of multiple administrative activities, ranging from collecting financial data, recording it, consolidating it and reporting it to interested stakeholders (quarterly and annually).
  5. Anticipate. Good cash planning, budgeting, capital investment planning and risk assessment are key in this area.

Further studies

Students can enroll in PhD studies.

CodeCourse NameSemesterWeekly Hours per ActivityECTS
CFM 510Advanced Financial ManagementFirst24166
CFM 511Strategic ManagementFirst24166
Elective Course*First24166
Elective Course*First24166
CFM 512Corporate Financial StrategySecond24166
CFM 523Financing entreprenurial businessSecond24166
Elective Course*Second24166
Master Thesis18

CodeCourse NameSemesterWeekly Hours per activityECTS
CFM 513Mergers and AcquisitionsFrist24166
CFM 514Risk ManagementFrist24166
CFM 515International Financial ManagementSecond24166
CFM 516Corporate GovernanceSecond24166
CFM 517Business ethicsSecond24166
CFM 518Management accounting and controlFrist24166
CFM 519Economic analysis for business leadersFrist24166
CFM 520Quantitative methods for financial managementFrist24166
CFM 521Financial EconometricsFrist24166
CFM 522Insurance managementSecond24166
CFM 524Fin-Tech and Digital BankingSecond24166

70 години

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