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Accounting and Auditing Programme

Head of Chair: Prof. Marina Trpeska, PhD

Secretary of Chair: Assist. Ivan Dionisijev, MSc

Accounting and Auditing – Study program 2022/23

Accounting and Auditing – Study program 2017/18

The objective of the study program in Accounting and Auditing is to enable students to acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of accounting and auditing, along with specific application skills for this knowledge in practice. To achieve these objectives, the study program deals with the theoretical aspects in this area, focusing also on their practical application.

By adopting the knowledge of this study program, the student is expected to demonstrate the following knowledge, abilities, and skills:

Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Ability to analyze, synthesize, and critically research data, facts, and find the most favorable solution.
  • Ability to connect theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Ability to read, understand, and correctly interpret international professional regulations.
  • Ability to apply and act in accordance with international professional regulations and ethics.
  • Compilation of financial statements of all companies, private and public sector, as part of their legal obligations.

Application of Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Compilation of financial statements of entities from the private sector in accordance with International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Compilation of financial statements of public sector units in accordance with the International Public Sector Accounting Standards.
  • Compilation of various internal reports and analyses in accordance with the company’s strategy to make correct decisions.
  • Analyzing financial reports to make decisions for lending or investing in certain companies.
  • Auditing of companies required by law.
  • Performing a state audit in all users of the Budget and units of local self-government.
  • Successful management of entity finances and making correct financial decisions.
  • Measuring the performance of the entities, their profitability, giving directions and recommendations for their improvement.
  • Using information systems as an integral part of modern trends in accounting.
  • Fraud investigation within entities.
  • Establishing a system of internal controls and monitoring their functioning and giving recommendations for their improvement.

Appraisal Ability:

  • Ability to observe and identify important situations and trends in the internal and external environment of the enterprise, to analyze and synthesize and draw conclusions about the analyzed states and phenomena.
  • Developing and improving teamwork, leadership, and communication skills applicable in different enterprises and situations.
  • Ability to identify information needs and manage information and knowledge in organizations with the aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness in operations and creating competitive advantages.

Communication skills:

  • Ability to communicate ideas and coordinate in teamwork.
  • Is capable of evaluating and presenting information based on the obtained results.

Learning skills:

  • Ability to successfully master theoretical concepts, to apply techniques and methodologies in specific scientific areas, and to identify the needs for further upgrading of the acquired knowledge.
  • Possesses the ability to participate in group discussions, critically analyze theoretical and practical aspects of the operations of enterprises, to develop and present the developed projects.
  • Ability to express his knowledge by answering different types of questions and analyzing specific case studies from business practice.

Qualification to be acquired: Graduated Economist of the Department of Accounting and Auditing.

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