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E - Business Program

The Bachelor of Science in Economics in the field of E-Business will acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of business information systems and e-business, as well as skills in applying this knowledge in practice.


B.SC. in Economics in the field of e-business is trained in applying ICT management techniques in companies, introducing modern e-business software solutions, improving business processes, analyzing specific product markets, new ways of networking with consumers and organizations, as well as managing large volumes of business data.

These graduates can be employed in companies from both private and public sector, public institutions and public administration, civic associations and other institutions.

General and specific qualification descriptors

By adopting the curriculum content of this study program, the student is expected to demonstrate the following knowledge, abilities and skills:

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Demonstrate knowledge in the fields of business information systems, business data management, ICT management, network markets and competition. This knowledge should be used by companies to support their digitalization and business strategy.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of internet marketing, customer relationship management systems, complex network communications, and social media use to accomplish business strategies.
  • Knowledge and skills in defining and analyzing business processes, as well as managing them in order to improve organizational performance and results in company performance.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of specific software tools implemented in companies, presenting them in theoretical and practical terms.

Applied Knowledge and Understanding

  • Apply theoretical knowledge in successful development of an internet marketing communication plan.
  • The student can independently combine and develop a plan for how appropriate ICTs can be used by companies to support e-business implementation.
  • Apply the theoretical principles for implementing business software tools.

Appraisal Ability

  • Demonstrates ability to analyze e-business processes and identify relevant information necessary for managing these processes.
  • Demonstrates the ability to identify and collect relevant primary and secondary data necessary to investigate the problems and situations that companies face in the digital environment.
  • Demonstrates ability to analyze and interpret data obtained and to apply it to enhance the competitiveness of companies in the global digital environment.

Communication Skills

  • Demonstrates teamwork ability, initiates discussions, and actively listens to the interlocutor.
  • Successfully applies the principles and codes of professional business communication.
  • Demonstrates ability to successfully present the results of research projects.
  • Has an understanding of the psychological processes underlying human behavior in general, as well as interactions with ICT.

Learning Skills

  • Has advanced learning skills – reading, memorizing, listening, interactive participation, observation and analysis.
  • Demonstrates the ability to critically evaluate the ideas presented, offer original solutions and successfully handle each task set.
  • He recognizes his own interests in the field of e-business and successfully acquires new knowledge and skills.
70 години

Во 2020 Економскиот факултет при Универзитетот “Св. Кирил и Методиј” во Скопје слави 70 години од своето основање.