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E - Business Program

Objective of the study program is to enable the creation of highly educated staff who will have adopted modern principles of operation through disciplines that will enable students to acquire knowledge and practical skills for working with technologies that support the implementation of electronic business in companies, as well as knowledge and skills that will enable students to participate in the processes of digital transformation of modern businesses and organizations, as well as society as a whole. More specifically, through the appropriate disciplines in the E-business study program, carefully designed to respond to the needs of the business environment and following global trends and practices, students will acquire knowledge and skills in the basics of e-business and the digital economy, digitalization of channels of sales, namely e-commerce, digital innovation, digital marketing, viral marketing and marketing through social media, knowledge in the field of business information systems, business operations systems, management of information and communication technologies (ICT), network markets and competition, management and automation of business processes, digitization and improvement of relations with buyers through modern digital tools, i.e. new ways of networking consumers and organizations, digitization of relations with suppliers and supply chains, design of information systems, web design and development, programming of business applications, databases, management or analytics of business data, etc.

Due to the rapid technological development and especially with the development of the internet and social media, companies are facing the challenge of continuously adapting to those changes, and being generators of innovations and new business models based on technologies, in order to keep up with the domestic competition. and the international market whether they are present offline and/or online in the market. The digital transformation of operations is of crucial importance for achieving business success, but also for survival in today’s global and dynamic environment in both the private and public sectors. For this purpose, companies should apply a holistic approach and successfully implement digital technologies, as well as e-business models and strategies in operations. A key element for the realization of these strategic activities is an expert and competent staff that will be able to fully respond to these challenges. In that way, the business community will be able to adequately respond to the challenges of digital transformation, which is inevitable in all spheres of living and working. Today, companies need qualified staff who are able to work in conditions of intensive application of digital technologies and participate in markets with greater competitiveness and with greater sophistication of market mechanisms, staff who will be in a position to adequately respond to challenges and proactively used the possibilities of technologies and digitization to ensure competitiveness and better organizational performance.

The study program in e-business is carefully structured in order to create a highly educated staff who will be able to be involved in the processes of digital transformation in organizations and/or society as a whole and to manage the challenges of introducing digital innovations in operations. The goal of the study program in E-business is to enable students to acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of e-business and with specific digital skills for applying this knowledge in practice.

The content of the subject programs is aligned and structured according to the modern challenges and needs of society to create staff who will be able to follow the dynamics of global digital transformation and the increasing need to conduct business with the help of digital innovations and tools.

To achieve these goals, the study program deals with the theoretical aspects of this field, focusing on their practical application. The subject programs represented in the study program expand and deepen knowledge in the field of e-business through more narrowly specialized subjects, which contribute to a special educational profile in the field of e-business (fundamentals of e-business, digital economy, information technologies, digital marketing , digital innovation, business databases, business logistics, business process management, web design and development, business application programming, ERP systems, systems analysis and information systems design, business data analytics, customer relationship management , e-business distribution channels, social media marketing).

You can download the 2019/20 study guide at the following LINK

You can download the study guide in 2017/18 at the following LINK

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